What is Level?

Level is the financial wellness platform for the enterprise.

We empower employers to help their workers improve their financial health. 

We do this by offering salary-linked services that address both short and long-term financial needs.

We provide on-demand pay, salary-linked savings, Open Banking-powered budgeting tools and financial education.

Our Products

Every worker deserves to have a life free of financial stress and feel in control of their finances. How does Level's software make this possible? 

With Level's salary-linked services, workers have the power to manage both short and long-term financial needs. The platform has three key services, all available via app, desktop or SMS.

Instant access to earned wages

Salary-linked savings

Bespoke budgeting tools


Behavioural Science and Nudge Strategy

By using the latest nudge and behavioural strategies you can increase your chances of supporting better financial habit change of your workers.

That is why Level have integrated nudge management into every aspect of their product. Where others see a technology solution, we see a behavioural change programme.


Level offer the best interest rates on the market

We all know how hard it can be to create good saving habits. Level's SavePay feature gives workers the opportunity to save money directly from their salary, easily and automatically each month. They decide how much they want to save and Level does the rest.

There is no need to worry about whether they are getting the best interest rate. SavePay always offers consistently high interest rates thanks to our partnership with the UK's leading deposit marketplace which gives us access to over 50 banks.



With just two clicks on their mobile phone, workers can better manage their finances through instant access to earned wages. 

VancePay charges a small fee for each transaction. Advances are automatically repaid on pay day so there is no interest charged.

Every worker deserves to feel in control of their finances. By closing the gap between work and pay, employers can help workers align income with expenses. 


Salary-linked savings help workers save money directly from their salary each month. They decide how much they want to save and Level does the rest.

Getting into a regular savings habit is more important than how much they put away – it's surprising how quickly a few pounds each month builds up. 

Level always offers market leading savings rates which, in most cases, will be significantly higher than the rates offered by their bank.



Better manage and control spending with personal financial management tools, powered by the latest Open Banking technology.

Smartpay gives workers a bespoke snapshot of their financial position by separating their bills from their bank balance giving them an accurate view of how much they have 'Left to Spend' before their next pay day.

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