Hear From The Experts – What is the Future of Payday Loans in the UK?

Once a booming industry worth £2 billion, the payday loans industry has felt the full effects of regulation since major restrictions were added by the FCA in 2015 – which included a price cap on daily interest rates and a strict authorisation and approval process.

The result has seen a number of companies and brokers leave the industry, but the demand for 3 million Britons needing payday loans remains each month. Today, we speak to a number of experts in the payday loans industry to get their views and to fully understand: What is the future of payday loans in the UK?

Our experts include:

  • Gary Tatham, Managing Director of All The Lenders
  • Stephen Holliday, Founder & CEO, Level
  • David Beard, Founder, Lending Expert
  • Richard Sherlock, DPO, PaydayLoansNet
  • Colom Smith, CVO, Taylor Rose MW


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